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  the site of Shirley Anne Sherris.  I have been sewing since I was a child, in fact, I cannot remember a time when I was not sewing.  I am completely self taught and have developed my own techniques and skills picking up additional techniques from books. I particularly enjoy using and experimenting with new materials and combining many different techniques into  pieces and creating lots of texture.

     Being particularly keen on computer generated designing, I produce all my own designs.  I use software to change and manipulate images, creating unique designs and colour palettes.  I also use digitising software  to create designs which can be stitched out on my computerised embroidery machines. 

    Photography is another passion of mine, particularly macro. I use my photography as a design source for my fibre and textil
e work but have recently begun to use it to design digital collage and composite images which I then print onto different surfaces such as textured hand made papers, fabrics and even metal shim.

    Over the decades I have produced many hundreds of pieces which are either hanging on my walls, displayed on shelves or sadly stored away in boxes and cupboards. Some of my work is displayed when I give talks and workshops for embroidery groups otherwise it remains stored away.

    I have decided, therefore, to create this web site to share my creations with other fibre and textile artists out there and hope they will enjoy what they see
and appreciate the time and work that goes into every piece.

    The only request I would make is that the copyright on each piece is observed and they are not copied for monetary or personal gain .

    I have not, to date, sold any of my work, apart from a couple of commissions, as I find it almost impossible to part with them. With the cost of materials and the considerable amount of time and effort creating the pieces, it would be very difficult to put a price on them, so I don't even try. One day, when I can store no more, I may sell them, but until such time I will keep and enjoy them and show to those who want to see.

    In 2009, I wrote a book about one aspect of my textile work which is jewellery.  I created about two hundred pieces and am still creating more. All of the techniques are covered in my book.  You can read more about the book and see some examples of the pages by clicking on the ‘Embroidered Jewellery’ book button on the left.

    You can follow my current textile activities and creations on my blog by clicking on the Blog 


    My collection is catalogued onto the following pages - bags, boxes, books, hangings, panels, art quilts, thread painting, jewellery, photography and digital imaging.  Each page can be reached by clicking on the appropriate image button on the left.  






                                                Contact via       info@sasdesigns.co.uk